UPI ATM: The future of fintech is here! 💪🇮🇳 #bharat @npci_npci

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New Delhi, UPI goes to the next level, in a recent development we will now soon see UPI ATM near us, this will be a breakthrough as ATM Card will no more be required for Withdrawal of Cash from ATM.

The new tech by NPCI works on UPI so here is the process

  • Visit nearest UPI ATM
  • Select Amount to Withdraw
  • Scan the displayed QR using any of the UPI App i.e BHIM, Google Pay, Phone PE etc
  • Get the CASH instantly

The revolutionary tech will be a game changer as this will be Bank Independent, once this comes in place we expect this to the Future ATM everywhere which will work without the ATM Card.

Bharat is progressing in its fintech and establishing new standards daily.

Hope to see UPI ATM just in our neighborhood.

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