NHRC issues notice in Atique Ahmed Murder Case

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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) have taken self cognizance in the Atique Ahmed murder in Police Custody in Prayagraj (Allahabad) on 15th April 2023.

The commission has issued notice to DGP Uttar Pradesh and have instructed to file a reply within 4 weeks on the following points

(i) detailed report, covering all the aspects leading to death (including time, place and reason for arrest/detention);

(ii) copy of complaint and FIR registered against the deceased;

(iii) copy of arrest memo and inspection memo;

(iv) whether information of arrest was given to family/relatives?;

(v) copy of seizure memo and recovery memo;

(vi) copy of medical legal certificate of the deceased;

(vii) copies of all relevant GD extracts (all must be legible and transcribed in English/Hindi);

(viii) Inquest Report;

(ix) Post Mortem Report (typed copy of PMR especially description of injuries must be provided);

(x) video cassette/CD of post mortem examination;

(xi) site plan of scene of occurrence giving all the details;

(xii) chemical & histopathology examination of viscera (if applicable);

(xiii) final cause of death based on FSL report;

(xiv) magisterial enquiry report (u/s 176(1-A) Cr.PC as amended by Act 25 of 2005.

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