Govt delays the import ban on laptops etc by 3 months.

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After agitations from various vendors Govt of India has decided to delay the ban by 3 months

In a tweet Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar said

➡️India is becomng one of worlds fastest growing markets for Digital products includng Laptops, Servers etc.

➡️India and DigitalNagriks will consume millions of Digital products in coming Techade.

➡️Rapid digitilization / cloudification of our economy AND rapid growth of our digital economy is fueling demand growth.

➡️It is govts objective to ensure trusted hardware n systems, reduce import dependance and increase domestic mfg of this category of products.

➡️This is not at all abt license raj – It is about regulating imports to ensure trusted and verifiable systems AND  ensuring India tech eco-system uses trusted n verified systems only that are imported and/or domestically manufactured trusted systems / products.

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